Raul R  Silva, M.D. 
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Positions Held

1986-1988                   Faculty Instructor of Physician's Assistant Training Program,

                                    Bayley Seton Hospital, Staten Island , NY

1989 – 1990                Chief  Fellow, 
                                    Division of C&A Ps                                                             
                                    St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center, NY

1989-1995                   Medical Director, Bronx Center for Community Services, NY

1990 – 1993                Clinical Instructor (Faculty), Department of Psychiatry                       
                                    New York University School of Medicine 

1992-1994                   Head of Clinical Investigations and Research Clinics,

                                     Millhauser Laboratories, NYU School of Medicine

1993-1995                   Assistant Attending, Bronx Lebanon Hospital,

                                     Department of Psychiatry, NY
1993 – 1994                Assistant   Professor, New York University School of Medicine,                

1994-1996                   Associate Attending, St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center,

1994-1999                   Director, Division of Child and  Adolescent Psychiatry
                                     St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center

1995-1999                   Director, Child and Adolescent Residency Training                                  
                                    St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center

1995 – 1996                Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
                                    Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons
1995-1997                   Attending, Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Department of Psychiatry

1995-1997                   Medical Director, Grand  Concourse Clinic,  
                                     Department of Psychiatry, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

1996-1999                   Senior Attending, St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center

1996- 1999                  Associate Clinical Professor,
                                    Columbia University, 
 College of Physicians & Surgeons

1999- 2010                  Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry 
                                    New York University School of Medicine

1999-2006                   Deputy Director, Division of C&A Psychiatry     
                                    New York University School of Medicine/Bellevue Hospital         
1999-2006                  Clinical Assistant Attending   Bellevue Hospital Center, New York
2006-2009                   Executive Director, Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Hospital Orangeburg, NY
2006-2010                   Vice Chairman, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
                                     New York University School of Medicine




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